Little glyph thing in the Flows Panel

Dear devs,
I noticed that I could not write º (the abbreviation correct for Nº, as opposed as N° where I’m using the temperature symbol) in the flow panel, and since the markings we input in the flow panel are copied into the information window as flow titles, I have to correct that glyph to make it look perfect in the scores. I can input º by pressing alt-u in my French keyboard layout, it would be alt-0 on an English one (and it does not work either in flow panel). Do you think this is something that could be possible to add in a future version of Dorico?

Marc, I’m just curious, there’s a dedicated glyph for that abbreviation, № (U+2116, called Numero sign). Why don’t you use that one?

I don’t have a solution for the input problem, except for the vague guess that there might be a conflicting keyboard shortcut. What happens if you press Alt+U?

You can at least copy and paste the glyph, can’t you?

Dear Florian,
I don’t know about U+2116, the one I use is a real o superscript which is correct for my use, following the french typography rules.
If I press alt-u (or alt-0 with English layout) in the Fliw panel, nothing happens.

I guess U+2116 is just a ‘ligature’ of N and the superscript o. In some fonts the N assumes a fancy, somewhat script-like shape.
You hardly ever see it.

At least U+2116 works in the Flow panel. I might simply end up using this. Thanks Florian!