Little help with Flows and Layouts in Setup Mode wanted

I am stuck at the moment trying to assign some vocal parts/flows to a cello part layout.
Trying to click here and there, but somehow can not think logically at the moment.
Cello part is playing all flows.
Some of the flows are recitativos - where I would like to assign the singer to just those flows.

Which is the best procedure?
In Setup Mode
a) I select the Cello Layout on the right side
b) ¿ click onto a singer on the Left panel ‘Players’ ?
c) ¿ in the bottom panel ‘Flows’ deselect all flows except the ones I need to be in Cello Layout ?

Thank you for a little help.

Yes. Click on the layout you want from the right side (or create a new one) and then check the boxes to select the players on the left side. It may rename your layout, which you can rename as you wish. I do this often, and create lots of custom layouts.

thank you Dan, I will proceed this very minute…


I have assigned a new layout for the Cello (all flows at the bottom are selected)

a) I add a singer to that Layout by clicking/ticking that Player

b) To the left I then select (highlight) the Player Tenor - and in the Flows panel I see the Flows highlighted, only where the Tenor is singing, Choruses and Recitativos and some Arias.

What happens next?
If I deselect the choruses from the flows panel (as I only want the Tenor to show up in the Recitativo flows) I get the warning that the music will be deleted at the same time
I don’t want that obviously
So I am stuck at this point…

… I can only think how I would proceed in Sibelius, create a duplicate of the Player/Singer and paste Rectitativos only into that part …

I’d prefer to go the Dorico way - just don’t know how…

You only get the warning if the flows are not part of any layout. As long as it’s assigned to at least one, you shouldn’t get that message.

create a duplicate of the Player/Singer and paste Rectitativos only into that part

To be honest, that’s exactly the solution I came up with in a recent project, a baroque cantata with recitatives. As is customary in the basso part, I needed to show the solo singer in the recitatives, but not in the arias. I created separate singers for exactly that purpose. The ‘aria’ singer has only the music for the arias, and the ‘recit’ singer has only the recitatives. The basso layout contains the BC and the ‘recit’ singer, but not the ‘aria’ singer. The full score and the singer’s own layout show both the aria and the recit singers’ music. Because they are mutually exclusive for the different flows, they appear as one part.

I also experimented with an ossia staff displaying the singer’s recitative as a long cue. I don’t recall exactly what went wrong, but I think I had trouble hiding rests and in general making it look as I intended. Maybe I simply didn’t do it right, but I didn’t bother and went back to my original setup with the double singers. Something left to investigate further I guess :nerd:

Thanks Pjotr, bedankt.
this is my temporary solution now, too.
I additionally use a third category of singers, for the accompagnato recitativos with strings.
These singers are part of the string players layout.
It does work this way, but seems to be an even more complicated workaround than in Sibelius…

I have been through this too. I think it would be amazing if the user could have control over exactly what flows and what players to be included in a layout. Then it would be piece of cake to do exactly what you are asking.