Little help with Percussion Kit (sounds) needed [solved]


I spent all day yesterday to figure it out myself, but was not successful yet…
I’d like to hear the sound of an arrangement, which involves three percussion instruments. I would like to give them the sound of a Bass Drum (Doumbek), Hand Drum (Bendir) and also some bell sound. They are all part of the default HSO set.
I have not yet been able to connect these sounds to my written notes.
This is, how my setup looks like:

This is the Playing technique dialoge from the Doumbek Instrument:

And this is the sound I would like to connect to the instrument (Acoustic Bass Drum):

A very simple step by step guide to solve this would help me immense.
I don’t need to know all the bells and whistles - I just like to set up a simple sound demo. Until now these instruments just give click sounds…
In Playback I have chosen the (Halion Sonic7) [GM 129] Stereo GM Kit

[edit] I found the solution - behind these two arrows:

If they were, you only would need to apply HSO playback template. Do you mean they do exist in the instrument picker?
If I understand well, the Doumbek should be triggering a bass drum? You can modify the HSO percussion map so that that instrument triggers the same MIDI key as the bass drum. Open the percussion map editor in Play mode > play menu, choose the HSO one. Select the bass drum line, there is a Duplicate line right below the table, so that you get this line twice. On the duplicated one, edit the instrument Name (first field) and Instrument (second field) so that your Doumbek triggers that MIDI key, so that sound. Done.
[Edit] wait, I don’t see the Duplicate line on your Map. Maybe there’s something more to do (or simply replace the Acoustic Bass drum, but that should not be necessary)

Thank you Marc for helping. In the mean time I went the opposite way, created a new Percussion Kit via the Add Player menu. Here I added three standard drum kit instruments (to be sure a sound would automatically be applied). The plan was just to rename the instruments afterwards. It sort of worked (“Hand Drum” as part of the Orff Instrument set has no sound associated… thats a mistake in my opinion). Then went again into one of the very early Anthony Hughes videos and finally found the hint with the double arrows (see last screenshot above). Through that dialogue one can reapply instruments/sounds - but one can’t pre-audition them…

I admit I don’t know what that button (double arrows) does. I will look into it… :pray:

Change Instrument: Opens the instrument picker, which allows you to choose a new unpitched instrument to replace the selected instrument while retaining its music.

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I don’t see how this solves the problem. Except if you replace a bass drum by a Doumbek and it does not modify anything in the Play menu (routing)? Anyway, I don’t think it’s really a “good” workflow. I like when things have proper names and do what they’re supposed to do :wink:

The piece uses three arabic percussion instruments. I started by importing an .xml file into Dorico - which gave me the notes, but no sounds. I don’t really care about a realistic sound of those instruments, just needed to get something close to it - to get an impression of the piece.
Before I had click-click-ding, now it’s doom-dum-jing, an improvement :slight_smile:
I solved the problem by going into the Edit Percussion Set menu and using the (obscure) double arrows. Once you know they are there for assigning instruments, it is easy…

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