little macro help please

I’m trying to create macro that should:

Stop recording -> select in range -> cycle -> play

My macro is now:

Transport – Stop
Transport – Loop Selection
Transport – Play from Selection Start.

It works almost fine, however I need to press the macro assigned key twice. First it Stops then with second press (macro launch) Loops selection and Play.
How to correct it so only one button press would do all 3 steps? I don’t want this macro to stop after “Transport - Stop” . Thanks!

You need a selection though, for Loop Selection to work. Then, that command sets the locators to selection, turns on cycle, and starts playback from the left locator.

You don’t even need a macro, since it’s all built into Loop Selection.

Thanks for answer but I still would like to stop the ongoing recording and then to set locators and loop selection - all with one button (macro).
ALT+SPACE+P - to set the locators/cycle/play from beginning - works fine but the recording must be already stopped. So 2 steps are needed. That’s why macro seemed to me a logical approach. Any idea how to do it?

Oh I see now! Replace the Stop command with Transport - Record

Also note the behavior will depend on whether Re-Record or Punch is active in Record Modes.

Thanks for taking care indeed!
Unfortunately I’m still not there. So my macro is now:

Transport – Rewind <as Rewind is “NUM -”, I gues when You say “Transport -” it means “NUM -” so Rewind>
Transport – Loop Selection
Transport – Play from Selection Start.

But it still does not stops the on-going recording.
If I add “stop” at the begining of this macro, then I need to engage it twice. Any other idea please?

Sorry, I meant to say: Replace the Stop command with Transport - Record

So all you need is

Transport - Record
Loop Selection

Describe your case a bit more detailed. I don’t get what you want to select.
“Stop recording -> select in range -> cycle -> play”
what range? why do you need to select it?

This is getting confused. My answer is for the following workflow:

  1. User is recording some material
  2. User selects some objects
  3. User hits one keystroke that invokes a macro to stop recording, and to playback from the selection start with cycle turned on.

In any case, while you are recording, the command to stop recording has to come first in the macro for the other commands to operate, whether you are making a selection manually or not. (e.g., if you just want to cycle the region between the locators.)

No luck still.


Transport - Record
Transport - Loop Selection

Is not working for me.

It just stops recording and continues to play. Don’t know why but it even does not do “loop selection”
Maybe I’m doing some basic mistake here. Would you be so kind and check in your setup if it actually works?

The workflow I try to achieve her is:

  1. User is recording some material

  2. User hits a key to stop recording, and to playback from the selection start with cycle turned on.

So I’m not “selecting” anything (as in your step2), I try to make this macro in order to be able to start it from remote controller.
However if I would try to “select” the recorded material with mouse while still being in recording it has no any effect. So I guess it’s not valid point.

Thanks for your time!

Transport - Record
Transport - Return to start position

But it’ll not loop your recorded event.

Here you are:

Transport - Stop
Transport - Locate Previous Event
Transport - Loop Selection


You are genius Winter Rat!!! Works!! Big big thanks - what a nice little looper it is :slight_smile:

I have now one eye on young Leonard Cohen concert from 1970 and another trying different Cubase command :slight_smile: , but I would never try “Locate Previous Event”

Big thanks to both of you - great support!

You’re welcome. RIP Leonard Cohen.

Nice one Winter Rat. And yes, goodbye Leonard.

I was few days far from Cubase and now I’m returning to the same story but with next problem. I’m afraid I need lesson nr2…

So the above macro proposed by Winter Rat works perfectly if I engage it from PC keyboard (shortcut to this macro), or with mouse by selecting Edit->Macros->”Name of this macro”. Unfortunately if I try to run it from external midi controller (note on or CC) the whole Cubase app is frozen for around 6 seconds then if I run it again (again from midi controller) the macro works fine. If I would press the assigned midi controller 2 times quickly it hangs the Cubase for good. The only way then is to kill the Cubase app from Windows task manager.

Could you please try the above macro and assign any external midi controller to run it - and check the behaviour? I’m on Cubase 8.5 64bit.

In my case one of the method I have tried is for example: Device->Device Setup->Remote Devices-> Mackie Control. Then I assign to F1->Macro->”Name of Macro”.
My midi controlled sends Note On (F# so note 54) that corresponds to Mackie F1. I have tried also with CC with the same result. My controller works fine with other Mackie commands so I think the problem is not here.

Not near Cubase at the moment, but that sounds like a midi loop happening.

Yes I agree it looks like loop. I have already tried to disconnect all my midi devices and having just Motif XS keyboard in Remote mode as midi controller ->MR816->PC it still hangs Cubase (just for this macro) :frowning: . Thanks anyway for the answer. It would be really nice if someone could check it. Then I would be sure that it’s my system issue.


For the way I record, this little macro is nice.
Press record, do your thing, but then instead of pressing stop, press the KC you assigned for this macro, and it automatically loops what you just recorded.

can anyone check if this macro works if triggered from external midi controller (note on or CC)?
For me it hangs/freeze Cubase if triggered in this way, works fine if run from PC keyboard or with mouse.