Little problem from Cubase 5 to Cubase Elements 12

Hello, I bought Cubase 12 Elements, and really love it.
But when I open some older projects (recorded with Cubase 5), I don’t see the small padlock icon to nulock some tracks that were locked in the old projects. So I cannot edit the locked tracks, and that is really embarassing.
Does a way exist to unlock the ‘already’ locked tracks with my Cubase 12 Elements ?
Thank you very much in advance if anybody can help me !

Welcome to the forum.

Do you mean freeze/unfreeze tracks? In that case have a look here

… or perhaps you just need to display the Lock function’s icon in the Track Control Settings?
… and then:
Click “Add >>”

Hello, thank you very much for your help.
I looked the track control settings, it is a nice function. But effectively, in the Cubase 12 Elements, there is no ‘lock’ control available.
So I decided to download the Free Trial-60 days of the 12 Pro version this morning and…it works. The ‘lock’ is available, so I could go in all my projects and unlock the tracks ! Great !
And I have no problem to re-open the projects with the Elements version.
Thanks a lot !

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