Little problem with dynamics

I don’t know if this is mentioned earlier.
In Dorico 3.1 we can adjust the dynamics the dynamic signs in the playmode (make it louder or softer).
I discovered:

  • When I adapt the point in the line at the place where the dynamic sign is placed (put it higher or lower), the adjusting works correctly.

  • When I put a crescendo or decrescendo line, it works fine (there is a background color).

  • When I put several points short behind each other (when I make a line with the pencil), so that the background color changes on that place, it works also fine.

  • When I put one point on the line right from the sign, in the next bar for example, the dynamics go to “medium” force. It doesn’t matter if I put the new point as high as possible or as low as possible, always the same ‘medium’ sound

Is this last point a bug or is this designed? When I look to the movie, I should say this is not the purpose of the designers of the programm.

So I can be sure I understand what you’re reporting, could you please attach a simple project that demonstrates this issue? Thank you!

Hi, here a dorico project and a movie as link, to demonstrate the problem.
The volume dynamics, note velocity, doesn’t work. The secondary works well here (cc 2)
Thanks for your attention.
Example (515 KB)

Another example. I changed the first and second velocity range (cc2 as first and note velocity as second volume dynamic).
The notes in the red circle in the image should be with high velocity, but they are with rather low velocity. See the dorico file in zip map of this message.
Dynamics Velocity example.JPG
Example (516 KB)

Hi, I just installed the last update. The issue I mentioned in this thread didn’t change.
I’m not sure if what I see, is by design, or something that is not meant to be like this.
In the Expression map I used for dynamics velocity and as second cc2.
I made a example image to explain things. I refer with the numbers here below to the red numbers in the jpg-file of this message.

  1. Dynamic sign ff: velocity as expected
  2. Dynamic sign mf: I changed manually (made the tone softer): velocity as expected, low value.
  3. Dynamic sign pp: velocity as expected
  4. The notes in the firs cicle:
    …a. I made a low constant point with the pencil: velocity value next note is about 64
    …b. I made a high constant point with the pencil: velocity value next note is about 64 (even a little lower than the low constant point in a.)
    Under 4a and 4b is not what I expect.
  5. I put a line. The darker blue colour appeared behind that line. The velocity values of the notes are as expected.
  6. Another low constant point (with the pencil): the velocity values of the next 2 notes is higher than expected).
  7. I drawed a line with the pencil: the dark blue background appeared: the velocity values of that notes are as expected.

My conclusion:
changes in the dynamic lane, where the dark blue background appears, work (examples 5 and 7).
Changes of the point of the dynamic sign work also well (example 2).
Just making one constant or linear point in the dynamic lane (the dark blue background doesn’t appear) doesn’t work (examples 4a, 4b, 6).
My question: is the behaviour in 4a, 4b and 6 as intended or not?
(Sorry, that I’m so comprehensive, but I don’t know how to make my point in another way.)

Untitled Project (331 KB)

I’m sorry I’ve not yet had a chance to look into this in detail, but I will do so as soon as I can and come back to you.

I think you’ve run into a problem here where the ‘Make Constant /linear’ functions shouldn’t be shown in the dynamics lane. They only work for CC automation lanes. We’ll remove these menu items in a future version to reduce the confusion. I think you can get the effect you want by using the line tool or the pencil tool.

But the pencil tool only works, when you draw a line (Example 7). When you set just a point, it doesn’t work.

Yes, I can see what’s happening now. The specific problem is that just clicking a point with the pencil tool doesn’t create the dynamic regions. I’ve logged this for us to look at in the future, but for the moment the workaround is very simple - use the pencil tool to drag so that 2 or more points are created. This should create the blue background that shows that a region has been created, and it should play back correctly.