little tie problem

I’m not sure if it’s been already posted - there are so many topics about ‘ties’.
So my apologies if I doubled the topic.

I tied a couple of notes and wanted to change the direction of the ties. I’m doing this with the control panel.
Dorico only changes the direction of the first tie, not of the rest, although all of them are chosen.

I found a workaround:
First un-tie all the notes, write the first tie, go to the control panel, choose the direction you want for the ties and then write the other ties.
That works fine, but it’s like 5 steps in place of 1 step.
On the other hand I could imagine that in some cases, it has advantages the way Dorico works now.
I’m not sure.
The tie handling in Dorico is something anyway which feels still strange for me cause in many instances I first have to un-tie to get the things work how I want them to work. That’s sth which feels more easy -so to say intuitive- in Sibelius for me (don’t want to offend anybody).

This has been discussed at length, previously.
Switch to Engrave mode, and select and flip each individual tie separately. Don’t use the panel for this - F (flip) is substantially quicker.

If there are situations where you have to untie and retie, do post about them here - the chances are that something just needs further explanation.

As usual: thanx a lot Leo that helps a lot. Sorry that I didn’t read all the topics about ties. I was sure there was one but with the keywords I entered, I got like 10 pages full of topics.

At that point I’d have been fit to be tied.

I suppose that’s better than throwing around slurs. :unamused:

Touché, Dan! :smiley: