Little Troubleshooting Tip for 3rd Party Plug-ins

I had yet another project get bogged down. I bounced and printed a few tracks and groups and disabled all 3rd party plugins. when i say disabled, i do not mean ‘bypassed’. not good enough. still getting spikes, white screens (when attempting to adjust automation, and it was freezing up and crashing. so i went through and took out all of the 3rd party plugins (selected ‘no effect’). presto. that was the problem.

Now, the funny/puzzling thing is that they can be brought back in? the project seems to simply benefit from them vacating the premises…even if only for a time?

I thought that disabled was disabled, seated in the insert undetected. At least in this project it is not the case.

Aloha M,

Not so much these days, but over the years
I too have noticed that sometimes
the ‘order of installation’ or 3rd party stuff
can make a difference in performance.

—go figure…

glad you got it sorted.