Live Audio Stream for Mix Revision

Since I wont see clients for a while but still have to do some mixing I would like to do online mix revisions.
My usual workflow is, that I first make the mixes on my own and then send it to the clients (In my case bands with several members).
Then we meet for a day or two in the studio to finetune the mix, so everyone is happy.
I have found this way more efficient than everyone writing a separate email to me and going back and forth a million times because band members don’t talk to each other :wink:

I’m looking for a solution that would allow me to stream good quality audio in real time to several clients at the same time so I could have my same workflow going, but keep the social distance that is required these days.
Since I use RME hardware I can use the loopback function to route my DAW output back into the system and use this for streaming. I have tried Zoom and Skype but it wont work with music since it is optimised for voice only.

VST connect does not work as well since it can only connect to one other person at a time and you have to start the whole thing over again once you open a new project.

I would prefer a solution where I just send a (private) link to my clients and then the sound comes from their browser.

I’m sure there is a solution for this, but I cant find it. All I have found so far are services, that will stream to something like twitch.

The other problem is, that I am connected to fibre optic and don’t have a public IPv4 address, so it has to go over some kind of server that handles the connection.

Maybe there is even a VST plugin, that can provide such service.

I would be grateful for any hint.

Thanks a lot and stay healthy



What about VST Connect SE, which is part of Cubase and VST Connect Performer on the other side.

Or VST Connect Pro and Studio Pass on the other side. This is exactly the use case, what is it designed for.

Hi Martin,

thanks for your reply, but as I have written above VST Connect is not the answer. I wish it would be, but right now its just not made for that.

… personally i use - which is an encoder / frontend for an icecast2 server. Fortunately for me i have the infrastructure in the studio to run the Icecast2 server on a separate linux machine, but i suppose it’s possible to run it all on the DAW machine - or have the vst streaming into an icecast2 service on the web.

The end-result of all this is a live mp3 stream (up to 320kbit) which any number of people can connect to, subject to bandwidth available.

I wish there was a turnkey solution; i imagine a lot of people have this problem / requirement - but so far (besides studio-pass which as you mention is single-client only) the options seem to be limited.

that would be great if studio pass actually worked properly on any modern version of IOS !

I’d suggest I’ve been on the listening end of several mixing sessions using their plugin.

You can use Zoom for your video and normal chat and then this plugin for low latency broadcast of the high quality audio. Highly recommended.

This seems to be the perfect solution for my problem. Thanks for the hint. I will try it out right away.

I also figured out a solution with and rocket broadcaster. But it has quite some latency and is cumbersome to setup.

ListenTo from is it! Works perfectly with very low latency and is very easy to setup.
Tanks again.

Excellent, glad to hear, you’re welcome and thanks for confirming it did the job for you. I’ve been on the listener end of several sessions now and impressed too.