Live automation VST and insert parameter changes in playback

I’m working on a composition with amplified and ring modulated harpsichord and the harpsichordist at times adjusts the ring modulation frequency using an expression pedal. I’m currently using a BIAS FX insert for the effects. Would it be possible to adjust effects parameters such as ring modulation frequency/volume etc. so that I can hear those corresponding changes in live playback? Basically like live automation in a DAW? Otherwise I need to have two settings and adjust between them based on which part of the score I want to play back (what I’m currently doing).

This would amazingly useful!

Unfortunately it’s not possible to automate effects parameters at the moment, at least not directly in Dorico. If the BIAS FX plug-in can be made to respond to MIDI controller messages, perhaps you could use an intermediate tool like Bidule to host the plug-in and then have an instrument in your project that you use just to send MIDI controller data from automation lanes in Play mode?

Thanks! I’ll give that a shot.