Live Band. Preload Presets via Midi in Arranger Track

I’d like to use Cubase Pro live on Stage with my Band. It should play Backing tracks as well as Midi tracks to control the Guitar and Bass Preamps and the Lightshow.

I got all Songs in one Project.
Set the Miditracks to Control the Guitar Preamp.
Each Song is one Event in the Arranger Track.
After each Song (Event), Cubase stops, so that we can start the next Song when we are ready.
Works great, and its easy, to rearrange the Setlist in Arranger Editor

My Wish:
When Cubase stops at the End of a Song, it would begreat if it would send the Midi Commands of the beginning of the next Event. So I would have the fitting sound on guitar before the Song starts and (big benefit) i would see the Name of the next Song on my Preamp.
Is this possible somehow?

As the order of the Setlist changes from gig to gig, its not practical, to put the Midi commands of a Song at the end of the previous Song.
Other possibility would be, to create an additional event bevore each song that only got this midi information. I would arrange these Events between the Songs and they sould start from alone.
As this would make the Setlist in Arranger Editor, another possibility would be great.



I think, this is the way to go.

I would prepare dedicated “init” Arranger event for every single song. Then then Arranger Chain would look like this:

  • init Song 1
  • Song 1
  • init Song 2
  • Song 2
  • etc.

The “Songs” wouldn’t stop at the end, they would just continue to the upcoming Arranger Event (which would be the init Song + 1). The Stop commend would be only at the end of the “init” Arranger Events. So you would always play the song, at the end, it would jump over to init of the next song, then it would stop and wait for you to start the next song.

You can even control it from a MIDI Pedal, for example.

Yes, this is the way I meant. And guess I’ll have to do it this way.
But hoped to find a better way. (No extra events to create and that make Eventlist longer, faster Event management…


At least the color coding could help. I would always set the same color for the “init Song X” and the relevant “Song X”.

I am using the exact same set-up for a live show. But I have an unusual glitch. There are a few instances where the midi file fails every time. It does not fire the correct midi program change. I have tried everything I can think of for days now, and asking on this forum is my last resort. Please, I hope someone can help!

I don’t know what exactly might be your problem. I also occasionally had different problems but could solve them (at least it works at the moment.

-mute your midi track and try to do the same thing in a different track (at first, only insert the program changes that don’t work in the other track)
-try to also send lsb and msb before the program change.

Another good news:

THis week, I finaly found a way to solve the problem that i described in my first post.

Working with arranger tracks.
Song 1 ends on bar 50.
Song 2 starts on bar 60.
with arranger track, at the end of Song 1 (bar 50) Cubase jumps to (bar 60) and waits for me to start song to.
At the moment it jumps to Bar 60, my guitar preamp changes its preset to Song 2.
No need to for an “Init” Arranger event!

The Midi event from Song 2 starts one bar earlier (=bar 59) than the arranger event. LSB and PC to change the preset to Song 2 is at the beginning of bar 59. As far as I see, when arranger track jumps to another point, it checks what was the last lsb and pc before that point and sends it. at least it works.