Live Input: Scales - Incorrect Mapping for Natural Minor?


When using Live Input: Scales


with the Scale area of the chord track set to Aeolian (nat. minor)


I find that (incoming) keys seemingly do not map correctly to C minor.

Here is the result of playing the white keys:


As it happens, incoming notes A, Bb, and B are all mapped to Bb.

No incoming white key is mapped to Ab (the necessary 6th degree), and the only way to get the Ab is to actually play a black key, Ab.

7-note scales are supposed to map to the white keys, no?

The whole thing doesn’t make sense to me otherwise.

Have I found a bug?

I’m pretty sure this area needs attention and correction.

Further testing here shows -

OK: Major, Dorian, Mixolydian (please fix the spelling on this one!)

Bad: Phrygian, Lydian, Aeolian, Locrian

BTW, are the scale mappings found in an XML configuration file?
Can they be edited by the user?

No, actually. It just transposes the notes that are not in the mode to notes that are.

It is not necessary to dive into xml files (though they are in the User Settings Folder). You can edit the scales in the lists using the the Musical Scale Setup Dialog- which is new for Cubase 11 Pro

Thank you for your reply.

It just transposes the notes that are not in the mode to notes that are.

OK, but are those notes transposed up or down, or intelligently?

It makes a huge difference to the playing experience that results.

With what is provided (thanks for pointing out the Musical Scale Setup Dialog!) can one (or can one not) configure it to array 7-note modes on the white keys?

Doing so would be in accord with every other “scale assistant” that I know of (and I have several).

It is possible to do this using the Input Transformer by transforming notes.

For example, here’s an image and a preset file for one I made for harmonic minor.

Unzip this file and place it in your User Settings folder at
%appdata%\Steinberg\Cubase 11_64\Presets\Input Transformer
and restart Cubase, then open the Input Transformer on a midi track and load the preset.

white keys mapped to harmonic (753 Bytes)