Live Looper Feature or VST

Can Cubase be used as a live looper to layer sounds in real time similar to hardware looper like the BOSS RC-505 or AEROS Loop Studio.


for Live not really comfortably IMO.

Thanks for the reply!
The prices for multi track loopers are sooo expensive!
The RC-505 is around $500-$600
AEROS Loop Studio is around $600
Headrush looperboard is around $900.

If Cubase can include a looper function that works similarly to the AEROS or Headrush and can layer effects like RC-505, I think it would be really useful.
The full price for Cubase with a looper feature or plugin with “unlimited” tracks would easily be a better value than the RC-505, AEROS and Headrush Looperboard. I think this could open up a whole new customer base for Steinberg.
Maybe they could even make a looper hardware pedal specific for looping? (:

Cheaper looper pedals are to limiting.

Maybe I’m the only one here that can use a looper feature in Cubase 10. (:


Of course there’s Mobius, which can work inside Cubase via j-bridge, or standalone. Completely amazing tool, with 1,001 features. Not a polished consumer product, but very granular looping control in real time.

Hi All

Melda have JUST released MSuperlooper which I’m already using and works well. Wanted to use Mobius, I’d already done some scripting for it but it just didn’t feel quite solid enough inside Cubase Elements. Super looper is also VST3 so…

Best Regards, Dave

Thanks for the replies!
Can MSuperlooper be used as a standalone app connecting to an audio interface and midi foot controller?

Cubase can almost be a looper because you can already create lanes and then separate lanes to separate tracks.
It would be easy to have the option to switch from lanes to add a new unmuted track after each loop and presto, we have a looper! (:


Hi Byron

Re superlooper, not sure about stand alone but I’m pretty sure not. I actually use it inside Cubase, it has 16 tracks itself (and 4 loops in each track) with fx racks available for each track . It’s only been out for about a week so I’m still playing with it. Options are pretty extensive and midi control options are also extensive.

Best Regards, Dave

DaveAbbott, Thanks for the reply. Superlooper looks promising. (:

OK I guess it can be done. (:
This girl inspiring Cubase looper.


Are Fx in superlooper any VST users have ?

I was trying to implement the talented girls looping technique in Cubase but I don’t have a touch screen and find it challenging to play guitar and activate record tracks with a mouse while playing. (I’m probably just not talented or coordinated enough to pull it off ((; )

Has anyone tried this looping software?
If so how does it integrate with Cubase?


If anyone is interested I was able to get a generic midi foot controller to perform basic looper functions using macros and assigning to midi channels.

To get the recording to advance to the next track, you have to press the Left Arrow then the Down Arrow. So I had to create a macro that presses the Left then Down arrows.

Here’s the screen shots of the macros and MIDI controller assignments to the MIDI foot switcher.




How is this working for you? Did it turn out to be a viable setup for live looping?