Live Monitoring Cubasis

On the pc I run Cubase Pro 12 which is excellent.
On my iPad Air 4 there is not headphone socket. How do you output live audio for Cubasis without a headphone socket. I’ve tried Bluetooth but there is an inherent latency.

I still curse Apple for ditching the headphone socket!

Any help would be appreciated

Hi Tech-dance,
I have an iPad Air 4 and I use a Belkin usb-c hub from Argos (uk) it has headphone/2 x usb/power/hdmi/sd slot and it’s perfect, this hub also requires a 65w wall charger.
I also use an Alesis Multimix 8 usb mixer and connect it to the iPad which becomes the sound card for the iPad and audio in/out is handled by the mixer which has perfect clear results. This requires a usb-c hub with a power input to keep the iPad battery charged up.
There are many usb-c hubs available from Amazon that have multi inputs.
Hope this helps :+1:

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Thank you Mike. Was this a generic one? Are you able to PM me the link? No rush - when it is convenient. I’d already ordered one from Amazon so we will see how that goes. Some of their third party i.e. Marketplace stuff can be varying in quality so we will have to see what it’s like when it arrives!

Here is the information for both hub and power plug, they are powerful enough to run a Mac. I did buy a cheaper hub from Amazon but the usb-c plug connection with the iPad was faulty after a while and it kept loosing connection, that’s why I paid extra for the Belkin products.
BTW, this Belkin hub will not work unless it receives above 60w.

This is the hub I bought from Amazon, it did not require a power plug to use it unless you want to charge the iPad or power usb devices that require more power than the iPad can deliver. The hub cost around £19 and was excellent, it was the physical connection which failed after a while, mainly due to the way it plugged into the iPad.

Sorry for rambling on, one thing I must point out, my intention was to just buy the Belkin hub, it was only when I received it that I found out I had to buy an expensive power plug, otherwise probably would’ve but another hub from Amazon.

Many thanks Mike

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