Live performance playback

Is the only way to get a live performance playback while someone is viewing the score on video is to record it separately from the notated playback?

To give a good example, when you listen to a recording of live pianist recording on YouTube, someone may include the score for you to follow along. And of course, live pianist movement along the score is often highly interpretive. 4 notes scored of equal length and duration, come out in all sorts of ways, that’s not precisely indicated on the score.

So, can this be done within Dorica, or must I have a separate recording and just show the completed score for someone to follow along?

I know you can do it to a certain degree with played and notated duration, but this would be beyond that, (I think)

I’m not sure I understand the question. Are you asking if there’s a way to “humanize” Dorico playback? If so, then yes you can adjust the playback duration of each note as well as it’s dynamic without affecting the notation. For example, a whole note in the notation can be adjusted to playback as a dotted half note without altering the whole note in the score. Rubato can be achieved by adding in invisible tempo changes.

Humanizing this way is labor intensive. The amount, precision, and methods of humanization will depend on whatever VST is used for playback. So, after spending countless hours humanizing a piece for one library, that humanization will probably not yield the same results for a different library. Something like NotePerformer will do a lot of the heavy lifting for you but won’t ever be as good as a real performance.

This isn’t really a Dorico thing, but a computer music thing.