Live Performance


Just curious if anyone here knows if Cubase is a great DAW for live performance? Does it have similar functionality to Ableton Live? Any insight would be much appreciated! Thanks!

It’s not really designed for live but some people do use it. I personally wouldn’t and would prefer something a bit more lightweight so less to go wrong. It’s brilliant studio software though.

Thanks! I’ve been going back and forth between Cubase and Ableton. I don’t like the workflow of Ableton but I know its great for live set up.

I don’t see it as a software designed for live usage either. Maybe if you just want to play some backing tracks or simple VSTi setups, it will work, but there’s probably software better suited for those tasks.
Depends on what you want to do. If you’re a live keyboard player and need loads of VSTi available that you want to switch between, something like Cantabile or Apple Mainstage is likely the better option.
For more loop oriented performance you probably cannot beat Live (or Bitwig).

Zimmer is using it on tour right now so it definitely is good for live use. Use use it for backing tracks and you can use the arranger track to build your set list. Yes there are drawbacks and you could go with something like DP and chunks.