Live recording of samples into Halion from MacBook internal mic?

Hello - I’ve just upgraded to Halion 7, and have been trying to find out how to do live sample recording directly into Halion 7 from the MacBook internal mic. Is this possible? I haven’t been able to find a tutorial on how to do this, and although Logic Pro’s audio tracks immediately see and record the internal Mac mics as the sound source, Halion doesn’t seem to have an area in which to select the internal computer mic as the sound source.


Thanks for any help with his,

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You need to set the inputs in preferences and possibly allow HALion to use the microphone in security settings.

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Thanks for the reply - yep - I changed my settings to what you have shown here, but it still doesn’t work. I tested the same within Logic Pro, and it works there. Not sure what’s up with Halion and the inputs.

Also - tried to allow the microphone to be used in the Security preferences on the MacOS System, but Halion doesn’t come up on the menu as one of the possible choices. Any idea as to how to add it as a choice there?

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Did you check the asio driver settings too?

Yes, I did. All set correctly.

I have exactly the same problem but with an external audio interface (UltraLite Mk5). I am using HALion7 on an M1 Mac with Ventura 13.2.1

I already checked everything (ASIO Settings / privacy settings). Unfortunately, I can’t get any further either, since HALion isn’t displayed under the possible apps in the microphone privacy settings. So I can’t give permission. This also applies to the Groove Agent.

I can confirm this as a bug. We are working on a fix.
It affects some of our lately released standalone instruments on macOS.


Many thanks for the answer. Have a nice day and a nice weekend :slight_smile:

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