Live recording query Elements 8 UR44 UR22

Currently I run a custom tower PC for my music production which is mainly VST instruments and occasional guitar etc. I have a UR22 for the audio inputs as usually never more than 2 inputs needed. However…
A local group heard I was “into music”… and asked if I would record their steel pans performance - nothing commercial so just for prosperity…
I figured I need a few more microphone inputs and going to buy a UR44 for extra inputs and maybe also running the UR22 if more inputs are needed. Totaling 6 recording channels.
Not wanting to drag my tower PC to the local school and it being my 12 year olds birthday next month, I just bought my son an MSI i7 Gaming Laptop 8G memory and fast SSD etc. and was wondering if it would capable of recording the 6 audio inputs from the UR44 / UR22 at the same time - something like 48Khz is fine. Just I don’t want to commit to buying the stuff as I’ve no real use for once I’ve done these recordings. However they are a local charity driven group and my two young sons are both panners there… so it seems worth a try.

Anyone any idea if it’s possible to do with the above setup?

They did try a studio session a few years back but they want the “raw - live” sound and all the foibles that come with it - at the studio everything was multi-tracked, quantized and mechanical sounding.
Thanks in advance.
P.s. why do I always say yea I’m sure we can do that…

I’m not so sure you can run 2 UR units simultaneously.
Anyone knows if the driver supports multiple connected devices?
Other than that things should be fine!

No, you cannot use UR22 and UR44 at the same time.

I did try that using asio4all (have both UR22 and UR44), but it never really worked so I gave up.
The asio4all driver could only see 2 inputs on the UR44, which gave me total of 4 inputs for both interfaces.
Not worth the hassle to even try.

But you can get 6 inputs out of UR44 alone. If you need 6 microphones, you can get some cheap external mic pream or a small mixer and connect it to line inputs on the back.

I also think the laptop should be absolutely fine for this.