Live recording sample into pad in Groove Agent

Hey guys,

I currently only have Groove Agent SE 5 but I was wondering if it’s possible to output an audio track into a sample-assigned pad in GA SE, the full version of GA, or any alternative VST. I’m trying to setup Cubase for live performance using MIDI controls and the arranger system and I want to avoid running to my computer to drag’n’drop clips at all costs. Any ideas? Mainly just want easy access to vocal phrases I’d have just laid down. Thanks a lot!!



You can drag-and-drop an Audio event from the project to the GA pad.

Understood, but that’s what I’m trying to avoid doing (at least with a mouse or trackpad). Are you aware of a potential method to essentially “drag and drop” a selected clip into a specified GA pad using a macro that I can route to a MIDI CC? I’d like to have a newly-recorded sample loaded into the pad and ready for triggering all within like a quarter-note so I don’t think the mouse method will quite cut it in time. Thanks for your suggestion though!


I can’t imagine how this could be done without using mouse in Cubase.

I can imagine some 3rd party Macro apps could handle it though.

Wouldn’t Sample Track do the same job for you? (Even though I’m also not aware of a way for to get a sample to the Sample track by using Key Commands only.)

You can certainly do this in the full version. I found this post looking to see if I could auto-quantize the same way you can in the regular track recording.