Live video session

Hi all

Basically I want to record some live takes of some songs I’m doing. Recording both audio and video simultaneously (no overdubs)

Setup 1 consists of vocals and electric guitar (deville 410) how far should I move the amp from where the vocal mic is? What way should the amp be facing etc… perhaps better of using an amp vst??

Setup 2 consist of vocals and piano (electric yamaha ydp 142) note: I tried recording the vocals whilst monitoring from the piano itself (playing and singing at same time, but then using the addictive piano vst for my main piano sound (I recorded midi via USB whilst performing) Now, because I was monitoring the sound without headphones (whilst singing) I ended up with quite a lot of bleed in the vocal mic This combined with vst piano gave too much of a weird effect (contrasting piano tones and spaces) Obviously if I had used headphone then this wouldn’t be a problem. However this would spoil the effect of the video somewhat.

What would everyone’s best method for these two setup be given my gear.

Mics: rode nt1a, rode m3, sm57.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated