Live VST system build

Hey Guys, first post an in need of some advice.
My idea is to build a universal VST system for live audio with low latency .
I am a FOH engineer who uses Yamaha mixers and has the whole infrastructure on Dante.
My idea is to build a rack pc that has the ability to run around 16 plugins parallel and 2 to 3 in series with a maximum in/out latency of around 3ms (same as going analog in and out for a digital console).
Think of harmonizer, compressors, limiters and verb plug-ins.

I have a Dante accelerator PCI express card so the in out from the network would be around 0.25ms.
At the moment i have a Intel 4960X HEDT 6 core that runs overclocked at 4,2GHZ all cores.
Should i focus on more cores? my reasoning is that since buffer size can be max 64 samples core scaling would possible be sub optimal and high speed cores is more important.
Has anyone experimenten with Hypertreading on or off for optimal performance?
Is Ram size/speed/CAS latency very important? ATM i have 16GB’s in Quad channel setup.

ATM i am thinking of cubase as host for the VST3, is this the most efficient software from steinberg or should i use something else?
The only thing the host has to do is recieve the Dante channels, insert the plug-ins and send it on its way with as low latency as possible.

Is there a big benefit in going form SATA3 to PCI-express nvme drive? i know NVME has a lot lower latency but since nothing is recorded i don’t think this will be a big benefit.

In dante you set a latency for the Asio, is this the latency inc all the VST plugins, or do these add above the standerd latency?

Thanks in advance!