living-C eCommerce Solutions Wolfgang Müller vs. Asknet?

Hi, I updated my Cubase 11 Pro license (or thought I did) to 12 Pro through the Steinberg shop. I did not get a confirmation email from Steinberg or a DAC from Steinberg or Asknet as usual. In fact, I only got one email from paypal: that I paid the update fee to “living-C eCommerce Solutions Wolfgang Müller.” Is this normal? Has something changed with Steinberg and Asknet or have I somehow been redirected to pay Wolfgang? Anyone else see this?

Same here!
But you can see this on the page footer of the shop:


Yeah, I noticed that too. Got a text message with the PDF invoice attachment. A little lame but in the heat of the moment of getting rid of the dongle and all that they probably have a temporary solution this update.

When did you guys get your download code?

Login to your online shop account and it will show you all the purchases you have made including their activation codes that you put into the download manager. The only way to really get there is to go through the motions of purchasing a product until you get to the login page, then you can just choose the my account option to see your past purchases and their codes. You can back out of the purchase at this point but still have access to the online shop account.


Thank you - That was much harder than it needed to be… lol

Shave it can’t be paid into my bank account! :wink: