LM4 Mk II and Windows 7 32bit incompatible?


I took long to update to Windows 7 due to bad experience long time ago when I was happy with Win 98 SE and the Upgrade to Windows Millenium turned out to be a desaster.

Windows XP was the first Windows that let me forget the Mac and the Atari times long ago.

Therefore I rather used a workaround for Cubase 6 to get it running on XP unsupported.

Now I am using a noisefree PC with an SSD drive and the upgrade to Win 7 was inevitable, because XP does not have the trim function that is needed for SSD drives.

The typical desaster came as predicted:

Wavelab 5 does not work, Steinberg does not provide an ugprade anymore.
LM4 MK II can be installed, but does not work also. My favorite Drummachine, for which I purchased expensive drumsound sets.

Thats an absolute Nogo for me

Does anyone know how to rescue me from this horror? I was lucky to get a wavelab update 2nd hand, but the LM4 problem still persists.

Is there a workaround to get the LM4 running on windows 7? (32bit)

Please help. I am thankful for any support


It seems the problem is solved with the release of Cubase 7.

Cubase 7 seems to load the LM4 to the instrument rack. It seems to be possible to run the whole bunch of Steinberg products on one computer again. So is the case with Model-E and other legacy instruments. It is not necessary to have a second computer with windows XP any more to run the LM4 Mk II.

If anyone had the same problem with Cubase 6.xx and Windows 7 with the LM4 MKII, updating to Cubase 7 solves the case.

Good luck and thx a ton, Steinberg. This is good product policy finally.