LM4 MK II on Windows 10 or 11?

I am trying to install LM4 MK II on Windows 10 or 11. Any ideas how to? The installer is being a right pain!

It would be good if Steinberg could revisit this plug in

Crikey that is extremely old. I had that and have t used it for 15 years or more. It wasn’t made by steinberg and they have groove agent now so I can’t imagine it will ever be revisited. There are so many hugely superior drum plugins these days. I’ve been using toontrack for all that time and use sd3 now

Yep it’s old alright but I’ve still managed to install it on one of my other Windows 11 pcs! I’ve done a clean install of the first pc in question and am struggling to install it. This is just for the fun of seeing if it still works! I will probably never use it because as you are say there are much better plug ins available now.

I think there is a compatibility mode for installing. Have you tried that?

I have now and it is working a dream! Thanks for the suggestion. Had to use Windows 95/98 compatibility option for it to work! Dinosaur era! :slight_smile:

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I still have the LM-4 content on one of my sample library disks. It could easily be loaded into Groove Agent and accessed that way too.

Very true mate. Recycle! (And I don’t mean the Propellerhead/Reason Studios beat slicing app!)

I lost my LM-4 content. Can you check how big is your LM4 folder and is there any chance to share it somehow? There was drum set I remember with really nice acoustic bass drum.

The content for the original LM4 (not MarkII) is 9.28 MB. It contains 10 drum kits by Steinberg. You’re not legally allowed to share these samples.

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