LM4 MK II programs Import to Groove Agent 1?


Is there a way to import LM4 MkII programs to Groove Agent One? Because the LM4 does not work in Windows 7 unfortunately. I spent quite some amount of money for the drumsounds and I do not want to simply lose them

Thanks for help

Auto transfer, I don’t know.
But you can do it manually, for me it can be a painful process with all the sample layers and matching exact velocity crossovers, searching all the files, remapping…

But it’s totally worth it to save the old presets into a modern format, and be able to continue along. If your stuff is well organized, once you have a habit out of it, it’s not so bad.

For me I did this mainly with Battery, I also made drum maps at the same time.

Keep in mind LM4MKII had a specific sound that is hard to retain.

EDIT: Sorry, note that you can’t open it at all? So you can’t have both VST open to see filepaths, etc. It’s going to be difficult. I used to use a local network between 2 Macs to see the old LM4 and the new Battery and I could manually find all the files that way.

I cannnot even install the LM4 in windows 7. Could you? If you were able to install it under windows7 please tell me how you did it. Thx and all the best.