load a Track Preset in a Midi Track..HOW?

I do want use the classical score template of Vst Symphonic…but first a have to assign a sound to the track
The media bay opens with ‘Load Track preset’ screen
Ok , now i have to assign the Halion Symphonic sounds in this subbrowser of the mediabay
Problem in this Load Track preset browser of Mediabay that i cannot select a sound. ?

  • I can add a sound for a audiotrack with the media browser (browser knob )
  • i can add a sound for instrument track with the media browser (browser knob )
  • i can not add a sound for a miditrack with the media browser ? (browser knob )

Load a track Preset ???..not working
It are empty miditracks… the template where i must assign a VSti
Nowhere in Cubase to find for this template to add a Vsti…?
Ofcourse i can start over with one multitimbral sti midi track again, but what is than the purpose off this template?
What doing i wrong here?

Nothing in the manual about setting up a existing empty(no sounds assigned to it) midi template with a Multitimbral vsti ?..stupid
If someone now this issue?
Otherwise i must rebuild the midi template ( serves a example with only miditracks without sounds assigned)) with a “VSTi instrument channels” as multitimbral Vsti and store these a template…let me do that :slight_smile:

i found a videotutorial about this multitimbral Vsti setting up : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUu5_yyl704
Problem solved