Load and keep audio media in RAM


I got remix:
102 files, 3 800 MB

I have latest Cubase Pro 9.5.20, Windows 10, 24 GB of RAM

After load and waveform initial load and drawing it is still impossible to play project, becuase it causes disk spikes everytime DAW seek.

When looking on Task Manager, I see Cubase is using only 800 MB of RAM.

After 2 hours of googling I write this topic.

I have also verified this is issue with Cubase as when I create RAM DISK using 3rd party tool, everything plays smoothly.

On Mac OS Logic X according to Gearslutz loads properly audio into memory. I want some checkbox to load audio in memory, that’s why I have 24 GB of RAM. Max what I used when using 10 Kontakt libraries was 12 GB, so another 12 GB are never used.

Have checkbox for user to keep audio in memory or automate it with some rule like keep in memory if size of all audio files is not more than X% of free physical memory.

Bump on this. Is there a way to load all audio samples onto RAM?