Load custom template automatically?

I’m trying to setup Cubase so I can make music as quickly as possible.
Is it possible to have it load my custom template automatically on program launch?
Or should I make a shortcut to the template file, give it an icon and just use that to open Cubase?

Edit: I just tried with opening the shortcut to the template, and it doesn’t seem right, treating it as a project (creating/moving project subfolders, asking for old/new etc.).
Maybe I’m just not doing it right


I’m afraid you cannot do it.

The only one way I can imagine is to use any 3rd party macro tool to start Cubase, select the the template from Hub and open it.

Alright thanks.
I have hub disabled… but the good thing about that was being able to start a project from a template fast.
Could I use the hub but disable all that internet stuff on the left?
I just want to keep cubase minimal so it loads as few things as possible on launch.

Edit: Ok I found this https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=148650
Gonna try it now (renaming the hub service dll)

That did the trick.
Let hub be enabled. Remove the hubservice.dll (keep it as backup somewhere else).
Now left side of hub is removed :slight_smile:
I wish Steinberg made it possible to deactivate a lot of stuff many don’t need, especially to get Cubase faster and simpler

Maybe you could have just unticked the option to use the Steinber Hub in prefeferences. This would have left only the right side showing.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Not sure how you mean?
By default the hub is enabled.
I disabled it and all of the hub was then gone.
By enabling hub while removing the dll now only the right side of hub is shown

For me… when unticking the “Use Hub” preference (Edit>Preferences>General menu) it shuts off the Steinberg Hub. Leaving just the right side (the Steinberg Project Assistant) showing. You do have to hit File>New Project when Cubase starts to start the assistant though. BTW… I just checked this on my system and it works as I described.

I recommended this because over the years I seen many users who removed a .dll file from the components folder only to get issues later when applying a CB maintenance update. Many do not remember that they removed a file and the subsequent posts for help may not reveal the root cause of the issue as they most likely fixed their issue by reinstalling the whole program.

Bottom line…
Your method works. Just remember, if you have issues later, to replace that saved .dll file and see if it corrects things.

Regards :sunglasses:

I hear you Prock.
I made my own Cubase folder with the dll files, reminders and hopefully soon backups of my presets/settings etc.
And when an update comes, I will remember my changes.
Cheers :slight_smile: