Load empty project

Hi guys ,is there a way to load empty projects when C7 launches.No presets no Templates,just a default empty project.
I thought there was a way to do this in the Steinberg Hub?.

¨From the Manual PG 56 C7OM_en:
To create an empty project that is not based on a template, select the “Empty” entry in the More category and click the Create button.
An empty project is also created if no template is selected in the currently shown category.

Hi BriHar,Thanks for the reply,In my Steinberg Hub for some reason I could’nt locate the"Empty" entry.
Maybe I need to adjust my resolution for the screen.
But not to worry I’ll just make an empty one.
Thanks .

In earlier Cubase you could create a default template and in preferences select “open default template” on startup.

Now in C7 you only have startup options of hub on or off…so no, you can’t easily open an empty project on opening Cubase.

You could maybe do it by creating a shortcut to an empty project on the desktop and changing the icon to the Cubase one?

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