Load Multi- Program on another computer

I’m new to Halion 4 I have a iMac and a MacBook pro. I do the majority of my work on my iMac and my MacBook is for live performance. I’m having a problem opening multi-programs on my MacBook that I export from my iMac. Here’s what I’m doing.
-I’m creating a multi program with samples I’m loading in. These samples are not factory samples.
-I’m then selecting " Export multi-program as VST3 Preset with samples"
-I select a location on my desktop to save the two files. It saves a folder with all my samples and a vstpreset file.
-I load these two files onto a flash drive and load onto mu desktop on the MacBook.
-Now how do I get this multi-program loaded into mu MediaBay. I’m stuck at this point.

I have never tried this myself, so I could be totally off base here, but right above the slots portion of Halion 4 is a smal icon with anl arrow pointing down, hovering the mouse cursor over this icon states ‘drop multi-program here’. Try and drag and drop this multi you created over this icon and see what happens? If you click it, it brings up a list of already created multi programs one can choose from. I am thinking once you drag the multi program onto this icon it gets added to this list for future load and use.

That totally worked. Thank you very much. I’ve been stuck on this for a while.

Oh im glad! Like I said, I never tried it myself, just remember seeing it while fooling about with other things in the GUI.