Load Panel -> usage of "Instruments" page //Groove Agent (SE) 5

Hello everyone,

What is the page “Instruments” useful for?
I can only see use for it when setting it to “All Instrument Sets”.
When choosing for example just my Simon Phillips Jazz Drums, it shows nothing.

I’m trying to set up a good Panel Load viewing settings that lead me from a starting point with seeing EVERYTHING I have (bought Expansion and factory Drums ).
But maybe the “Instruments” page isn’t meant for that approach?

Please elaborate a bit. Maybe someone has a good setup to be shown to everyone :robot: :vulcan_salute:

Screenshots are welcome :cowboy_hat_face:

This does not need a “solution”:

I just want other ways of using the “intruments”-Tab.
Feel free to elaborate :writing_hand: + :camera:

You can see the drum kit and adjust the settings for the drums with the controls shown.
If you click on patterns then you can choose a pattern and drag it into your drum track. :hugs:

Ah thanks but if you look at my screenshot, that is not what I’m meant :wink:
I’m talking about the browser section on the right. It’s just about how to use this page called “instruments” - circled in green → screenshot…