Load the same input app on separate tracks through audiobus

So I’m honestly not even sure how I got the programs figure and thor to show up in the first place. I think I just hit record once the flow was set up through audiobus and they automatically connected to the midi track I had created. The problem is that I’d like to lay another track with Thor and I’m not sure how to do that. I can choose from a million midi instruments, but I’m not sure how to get Thor to show up on another midi track. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

You can only have one instance of an app open. Just freeze or bounce the track to audio, remove the MIDI track, then the app is free to use on another MIDI track.

But it normally doesn’t load through a midi track, and I prefer it that way anyway. If I boot it up with Thor, for instance, it boots me up with an audio track name Thor. So you’re saying the only way is to copy the audio to another track of the same type and then continue using the original bridge track for new audio?

No, not for an audio track. I wouldn’t drag the audio to a new track because you then lose your mixer settings, inserts etc.

instead, once audio has been recorded I would remove Thor from that track, open a new audio track and then reopen Thor in the new track. This way your settings are all preserved on the first track.

Edit: One thing I have noticed is that AudioBus does support apps that have multiple outputs, you just have to open the app up first before adding it to the input slot otherwise AudioBus will only see the main outputs. The only two apps I’ve found so far that support this feature is DrumJam and ThumbJam.

How do you close and re-open Thor in that sense within Cubasis?

In the “Routing” tab on left, input will be “Audiobus/Thor”. Change that to “None” and it will remove Thor from that track.

Then add new Audio track, go to Routings, choose Audiobus and Thor will be in the list (as it’s already connected as an input in Audiobus.