Load VST preset with midi controller


I’ve got a small midi contoller, and I want it to load a certain VST Effect preset when I press each of its buttons. I mean, press button A, load preset 1, press button B, load preset 2, etc. The plugins I want to control this way have internal preset browser too, so I don’t care if it’s a preset saved in cubase or in the plugin itself.

I’ve been searching but haven’t found any way to do this, and I don’t know where to start.

Any help much apretiated.

Hi and welcome,

Start in the Generic Remote Device.

In the lower part, I would recommend to focus to the Command > Preset. As Action, you can select Next or previews or Open browser.

So the solution would be:

  • 1st preset: Open browser
  • 2nd Next preset
  • 3rd Next preset.

Or you can make a macro, if you want to quickly jump to the 3rd preset:

  • Open browser
  • Next preset
  • Next preset.

Then you can assign the MIDI command in the Generic Remote Device to this Macro:

  • Commands > Macro > YourMacro.