Loaded a SX3 project into 6.5.4 via a DVD

Hey, I just wanted to give a shout out to Steinberg about this experience. A friend is recording at a home studio equipped with SX3 and wondered if I could try a mixdown of one of his tunes. I said sure, center all the panners and batch export all the tracks if possible and I’ll try to load it. I used to own SX3 but I can’t remember of it could perform the batch export task. …? Anyway, not to be deterred, the engineer loaded the entire SX3 song folder of the song (this would be all the track files, the .csh file, and the actual saved project file) on a DVD. I copied it into a folder on my desktop, clicked on the project icon…and the SX3 project opened. :open_mouth: He had left all his plugins in the inserts (plugins I don’t own) and the project showed these, along with his connections to his Echo audio interface. It was really odd to see, but I could also see that all the tracks were looking to be loaded in sync and they showed wave files within the tracks and the pool showed the tracks also. At first play it screeched so I removed all the plugins. I actually had audio! Somehow my Mackie ASIO driver had overridden the WDM Echo ASIO driver, even though the mixer showed all of his REWIRE routing and the Echo out on the Stereo pair - gear I don’t own, I might add.

After a few minutes, I ‘rewired’ his mixer window to match my DAW’s interface, by connecting my ins/outs via VST Connections to the SX3 project mixer. Crazy. And then I was able to play all the tracks, everything was in sync, I could add EFX tracks, use my plugins, etc. I am completely blown away by this!!! I edited the tracks, bounced tracks, and finally saved a new version of it. I actually had to take a moment and open up the newly saved project just to see if it was really there. But there it was, everything as I had left it before saving it!!

So to the designers of Cubase, I salute you!!! :smiley:

Yup… mostly just need to redo the connections, and the colours get messed up too :laughing:

Had to get out of the C7 forum!!! my god, what a bunch of moaners! I’ll jump at some point, maybe after the first official update :laughing:

Oh, and SX3 doesn’t have Batch Export.

:smiley: Yeah it’s insane there. Last night I clicked ‘Mark messages read’ and after less than 5 minutes there were 15 unread ones again! I’ll eventually get C7, like I always do a couple of months after initial releases.

And on topic; I still have a WinXP machine with SX3 on it so I can convert the old Atari .all and .arr to .cpr and it works great.

Ha, the colors are pretty boring alright! :laughing: Yeah, as to SX3 not having batch export I thought so. All the more surprise to see the DVD show up with the entire project on it, and then to find that I could actually open it. Really an amazing experience for me.

As to C7, yes, it has been somewhat entertaining to see all the post. First one>it’s awesome>second one>it’s messed up>third one>OK, it’s awesome again>etc. :laughing: I too, will no doubt make the jump but not for a month or so. As much as I appreciate that 6.5 looks so much better than SX3, I don’t need a candy store project window, just something that is attractive and functional. FUNCTIONAL, did I capitalize that? From what I am reading Steinberg thought they were missing some market share with the former visual. Eh, it’s kinda like Detroit and the tail fins I suppose. Damn the fickle public! :imp:

Ha, I can’t say f-ickle? :laughing:


C7… Hahaha

What did the early updaters expect?

Me… I’ll let the crowd do the proper beta-testing, as much as I want to update, i just have to many important projects on the go to be bothered with messing about with a major update just now. I can wait :sunglasses: