Loading 2 Projects and Switching Between Them?

Seeking advice…

I’m embarrassed that I’ve been using Cubase for decades and don’t really know how to do this.

I think each time I’ve visited this need I’ve been scared away.

Is it really the z-order nightmare and mayhem of the two projects’ windows mixed together, that it seems?

Is there really no way to toggle sensibly, cleanly, quickly and completely between the two projects?

Two 30" monitors showing the considerable windows of two complex projects, at the same time, is too much to deal with.

I realize we don’t have proper “tabs,” in Cubase, to deal with this well-understood and easily solved problem domain, but is there not some kind of trick with Workspaces, or something?

I feel like I have to be missing something.

Thanks fellow gurus!

Hi Jalcide,

I fully share your frustration but I found this solution.

I have Cubase 7 full and Cubase Pro 8 installed on my PC. The license lets you start both and both projects will stay active. So you won’t have to switch from project to project and “activate” each time (with that long time till it loads the VSTs and the mixer each time you switch).
My Interface does not complain (both cubase linked to the same interface) and I can do Cop&Paste from one Cubase to the other almost with all elements.

If you are not new to Cubase, you should have version 7… or download it from the Steinberg ftp.

Give it a try :slight_smile:

Best regards


Pure genius!

Thanks so much for this clever idea. I do have both v7 and v8 installed and will try this.