loading an instrument into the score editor

How do I load an instrument into the sore editor?

You have to have MIDI track loaded then go to MIDI > Scores > Open Score Editor or press Ctrl+R on PC (what is it, Command+R on Mac?)
Whenever you click on any of your MIDI track it will be displayed on the sheet in Score Editor.

You don’t load the Instrument in and of itself. The Score Editor (but you’re right about sore too) is simply displaying the data in a MIDI Part(s) (which typically live on an Instrument Track and use it to make actual sounds) so you can edit them as musical notation.

Select an existing MIDI Part (or create a new empty one) in the Project Window. Then run Scores/Open Score Editor. If you play the Part from the Score Editor it will use the Track the Part is on - just like if you were using the Key Editor. The Key, List and Score editors are all just different ways to view and edit a MIDI Part’s data.

The Score Editor initially seems pretty complicated and it’s really necessary to read the manual carefully to figure it out. Otherwise you are likely to get pretty frustrated using it. Questions here are of course welcome, but often a tech writer who has thought it through will write a better and more through explanation than folks here. Especially with a complicated topic.

How do I get the Manual for cubase pro 10 on Mac?

There is no specific manual for Mac or PC, the program is the same on both platforms.
Here you’ll find the manual, online or PDF:
Score Layout and Printing

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions about the Score Editor. Contrary to what Raino stated, there may be a few experts in this forum.
(I think Raino himself has a good knowledge of the program).
Good luck

I want to know why there is no sound in playback when I’ve entered in notes, could someone please tell me exactly everything I need to do to get sound?

This could be many things…as a start, have you created a track? In other words, from the main page (close the score editor), hit T to create a track (select a MIDI track), choose an instrument (Halion is a good start). When Halion appears, choose an instrument (such as piano, etc) and hit record on the transport bar at the bottom of the main screen (make sure there isn’t a “M” for mute on the left of the track you’ve created) and play some notes. Do you get a 'ribbon shaped track appearing? Are there notes (look like little bars) on the ribbon? If not, we’ll investigate further.

Don’t mean to imply there aren’t experts here. But the forum format is better suited to answering focused questions, while the manual is better at seeing things in a context. However the manuals are definitely reference docs and not so good at “how to” aspects of Cubase. Which of course what would be most useful to the OP in this situation.

To the OP - are you able to enter some notes using the Key Editor and hear those play. If you can then it is probably some issue with how you’re using the Score Editor. But if you can’t then it is something related to your general setup and not specific to the Score Editor. So can you try that and tell us what happenes.

Ctl T didn’t work. I’m on a Mac.

Just T, not Ctrl T…

Or just use the Add Track button.

I don’t have a midi controller if that makes a difference. I tried hitting record with the new track added and I put in notes and there was no sound. I’m just clicking in the notes one at a time, I contacted the Steinberg phone service and he said the score editor is not meant for that, but that’s what I want to do.

Can you describe step-by-step exactly what you are doing. Pretty sure there is some conceptual misunderstanding occurring, but not clear what it might be. For example (and only an example) “I’m just clicking in the notes” could refer to a bunch of different things. We need to understand specifically what that means.

I go into the score editor, then with the mouse I click notes on the staff, then I try to hear it playback by pressing the play button (start enter) in the other window and there is no sound as the notes pass.

See link below:


Thanks a lot, that worked

Steve, did you make that? It’s really nice, just the right amount of detail.

Yep. Thanks