Loading Custom Key Commands Presets in Cubase 12 pro

Hi guys, I recently Upgraded to the Pro from Elements, and wanted to know how to transfer my Key Commands Preset to the Pro. I went to the Presets dropdown and found only Old versions of Cubase Key Commands and over DAWS.




Copy and Paste the Key Commands.xml file from the preferences file.

Thanks for the Reply Martin,

but where would the

be located?

So I say that in my head because not in front of my pc
you have to copy the xml file in
%appData% Steinberg/Cubase 12/Presets/keycommand



From top of my head, you are right, @Freudon.

On Mac (from top of my head) ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Cubase 12

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Okay guys, This might be beginner stuff… But I(as I’m sure a lot on this forum) don’t know how to get to the %appData% folder… Can you be a bit more specific for the ones who know little about Basic Computer science? I’m sure the others wanting to know about this topic would really appreciate your efforts!


Open File Browser and type %appData% to the path field (where you can see C://…). Press Enter.

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Okay Great, It worked! Thanks a lot dear.
But to clarify what I did after I did that :arrow_down:

I went to my old cubase (Elements 12) and went into that :arrow_down:

Copied the .xml file that i named for my preset and then went to

and pasted it there.

@Martin.Jirsak @Freudon
Thanks a lot for your help guys! :pray:t2: :pray:t2: :pray:t2:

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