Loading fx chain presets on multiple tracks?

Hi all,

There doesn’t seem to be a way to set a default track type so that when I drag audio into a session it creates tracks with certain plugins.

If I’m correct in thinking that’s not doable, I’ll need to create a bunch of tracks, then Load FX Chain Preset on all at the same time. Is this possible?

Right now I’m Option-dragging, which is… a drag.


Oh wait - you can copy-paste them! Handy!

Not as good as being able to create a true default channel, but nonetheless useful.

But can you paste to some selected tracks?

select track, cmd-c, select track(s), cmd-v > easy!

Thanks, I’gonna try later. :slight_smile:

Engage “Q link”, select all the tracks you want the Sends to be the same on and then load them onto them all at the same time (by loading them onto any one of the selected tracks). Is this what you want?

It’s a little bit tricky, but it works with FX Chain Presets…
Always learning!!
Many thanks. :slight_smile:

On my system what you’re describing works fine for Sends but not Inserts, which is my main concern.

It shouldn’t be tricky?
Just press the Q-Link button in the mixer Console, select the channels and then insert your sends or inserts into any one of the selected channels.

Yes, always learning is good, and you’re welcome. :slight_smile:

That’s strange, works for both on my systems.

Just tested it to make sure, and def doesn’t work here. What I see:

  1. Create new channels and select them.
  2. Click to engage Q-link.
  3. Load FX Chain Preset for one of the selected channels from the Insert tab in the Mixer.
  4. Plugs load on the channel I clicked on only, not the others, even though they’re still selected and Q-link is still engaged.

What also doesn’t work: option-dragging from another channel into one of the Q-link selected channels. The one channel dragged to will get the plugs, but none of the other selected channels will.

Is there maybe something in Preferences I need to check/uncheck?

In fact, it copies all the channel settings, when doing cmd+c and cmd+v

That works for a single plugin insert or a send. Not for FX Presets, right?

Yes, sorry, didn’t read the post properly. Only for single plugins (don’t use Presets myself so didn’t know it didn’t work until now). :blush:

I’m wondering the same thing.

This should be a feature request, is there no way to apply inserts chains presets to multiple channels?

Is there a way to do this now in 2019?

Loading FX Chain Preset on Cubase 11.0.30 with Q Link enabled only loads the preset on one track at a time.

Confirm. Doesn’t work even if you add the channels to the same Link Group and specify that Inserts should be synced.

Actually… If you select multiple channels and Alt+Drag a FX Chain Preset onto one of them from MediaBay (even if it’s not the first one), it applies the Preset only to the first channel selected. Not to the one you dropped it on (unless you of course dropped it on the first selected channel).