Loading Patches from table to slots

Now i use Halion 3 and it run very well

I have made the same table in Halion 4

In my configuration i use One Man Band Original for making arrangements like a Yamaha keyboard arranger
I have 38 patches in my table
I use always 11 patches when i am playing
Halion3 load immediatly( 1 second)the patches from the table to the slots, and i can play immediatly

When i try to use Halion 4, it load the patches from the table to the solts very slowly ( about 5 or 6 seconds )

If i try to change registrations ( ex first reg : slot 1 piano, slot 2 Ténor sax, slot 8 bass drum, slot9 perc, slot 10 dry standard kit, slot 11 Bass gm, slot 12 clean gtr, slot 13 Suitcase chorus, slot 14 Warmer, slot 15 trombone , slot 16 trumpet second reg slot1 trumpet, slot 2 flute, slot 8 bass drum, slot 9 perc, slot 10 Big kit eco, slot 11bass gm, slot 12 suitcase chorus, slot 13 clean gtr, slot 14 legato srings, slot 15 12 string gtr, Slot 16 clavinet D6 ) Halion 4 change the patches one time, two times , sometimes three times and after the is a crash, windows say to me that " the vsti has been discontinued" and i may close Halion 4 et open a new

I you want i can send to you the crash dump

For the time Halion4 is not a good sampler for playing live, i must play with Halion 3

It’s a shame for me because I paid the upgrade and I can not use (99 euros !)

If you could speed up the loading of the table to slots at the same speed that Halion3 it would be perfect

With best regards

Didier Azemar

Hi Didier,

you should try to activate “always preload” within the program table by clicking the little floppy icon behind the program names.


I have activate for all the patches always preload like in Halion 3
I also tested with each sample by selecting “Steaming and play from ram”, it eliminates disk access speeds but that does not mean loading the patches into the slots
Halion4 goes from 250MB to 850 MB in memory but that does not change

I have already sent to French support (mr Mathieu Roche) Comparative two videos, but no one has yet found a solution

Wait and see ! ! !


Didier Azemar

Hi Didier,
I’m not sure if I’m apprehend your problem in detail (except for the crash) so here is a summary of what I understood so far:
You have created 11 Multiprograms which make use of always the same 38 programs in the Program Table. The order of the 38 programs in the Program Table is always the same and the preload (disk icon) for each program is enabled.
The 11 Multiprograms are in general the same except for the order and amount of used instruments in the Slot Rack.

Is this correct?

You wrote about “change registrations”. How did you do that? Loading another Multiprogram?

best regards

Hi Gerrit

NB: I play always in live, i don’t use sequenseur ( cubase for exemple )
I have created a single multi-program in which I put 38 sounds ( patches in midi syntax),( it is a copy from the Halion3 table)
The order of 38 programs is always the same, I never touch the table !
The arranger called my sounds on midi channels, that is what I call “registrations” for example if I play a waltz arranger sends into the channel midi1 an accordion sound, in the channel midi2 a piano sound in the channel midi10 drum kit sound, channel 11 in a bass sound in the channel 12 a guitar sound in the channel 24 a piano sound ect …
If I want to play after a paso doble, the arranger sends on midi channel 1 sax sound on midi channel 2 a trumpet sound, on the midi channel 9 sound percussion (castanets) on midi channel 10 of his drum kit on channel11 a bass sound on channel 12 a guitar sound, ect …
If I want to play a samba, all channel sounds midi9 to midi16 are changed, and the sound of channels 1 and 2 also

Halion3 manages it perfectly, it loads the sound into the slots in less than a second, Halion4 put five to six seconds to put them in the slots and it often crashes

Here is my only problem is the loading time of the sounds that are in the table to put them in slots


Didier Azemar