Loading plug-ins from Steinberg hardware - When?

As i’ve been a Cubase user since a lot of years and have missed this feature at least 15 years, other manufacturers like SSL and Avid (Euphonix) made this possible through their hardware based on the mackie protocol but it just feels strange that other companies implement hardware controllable features into Steinberg software, and Steinberg dont?

Yamaha makes the cc121 and cmc’s too.

Yes, but that wasn’t really the question either…

I was hoping for Steinberg to answer this question: Is it or is it not considered to be implemented in Cubase?
It’s insane to even think about paying the 23300 Euro a Nuage master and a 16ch fadermodule will cost me…

…even more insane that i actually even considered it for a day or two.

It took some time but actually i got a response from the Steinbergsupport

There is no further development planned regarding these features.

  1. The CMC are not capable of doing such feature. ( Answer to handling Inserts / plug-in control like the Nuage)
  2. They already have a feature assigned when you have a muted or soloed channel they blink… that is why you can not assign that option to the selected channel. (Answer to why there can’t be a better visual feedback on the selected channel)