Loading projects after moving to another folder = hanging

I have the latest Cubase 13 pro, plus HALion 6 (and EW Opus and a bunch of other plugs)

I have decided to move all of the classical/ film projects to its own folder, and now it seems they just simply cannot be loaded. They often load very slowly, but now they just get stuck completely.

Projects in the original folder still open normally (though slowly).

I know I should have used back up project, but the way it should work is Cubase should ask me for project folder, then ask me for missing files, then load the damn project.

Is this a bug?

Yes, you should.

Right, however Cubase should ask for any missing audio files when it can’t find them and not come to a screeching halt.

How long did you wait?


10-ish minutes or more.
And some of them weren’t that big, and they got stuck exactly the same place with zero progress. Other projects can take 3-4 minutes, if they are big, which is a whole other nuisance.

OK, I think I solved it.

It was the dongle.

I still have one attached, for the HALion sounds that are still on the dongle (HSO etc.). And it is about to breathe its last, apparently. That leads to “checking licences” hanging occasionally. Opening old projects in a new location causes this to happen almost every time.

Time to upgrade my licences and get rid of the dongle, then.

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