Loading Reverence Impulses

Hi All…there are a bunch of good reverb impulses on the web for free…so I downloaded a few libraries.

Now, what I want to do is copy and paste them to a folder so Reverence will have them loaded into the menu for the next session. All I can find in the manual to do is import them individually as a preset or program, which would be hugely time consuming over cutting and pasting everything at once to a folder.

Is there such a folder that I could cut and paste wav files into, have them show up in my available Reverence presets/programs, and skip loading everything individually? Could I maybe scan them all into Media Bay? Loading them individually via import would take a long time.


Nope, sorry.
I have created a pretty large set, and no there is no way but to import them and creating presets.

Well… there could be. But I’m not clever enough to figure that out, how to use a script to create default IR presets from a bunch of IRs. I do think it’s technically possible, but reading and decoding preset data is a pretty “hairy” job, but probably not impossible. But imho, way to much hard work compared to just importing the files and saving them as presets.

I had to do this manually send it was time consuming. Hopefully there is a better way in the future.