Loading Syx files to play in C8 ?

Time long long long ago you used to be able to to load SYX files into Cubase and setup all your equipment or load firmware updates to all types of equipment .
My question is , is this possible in C8 pro ?

I frequently dump individual patches as sys ex files from my Super Bass Station rack into Cubase by recording them as MIDI parts directly on the MIDI track. You should be fine importing MIDI files containing sys ex data. Just make sure you have unchecked the sys ex filter in preferences first. This is checked by default.

But if the file is .SYX , that is no longer in the import box


Yes, this is possible, and I would say, it works exactly the same way, as it worked time long long long ago, you mentioned. :wink:

  • Open Key Editor.
  • Create an empty SysEx message.
  • Double-click on it.
  • MIDI SysEx Editor opens.
  • Click Import….
  • Load SYX file.
  • Done.

Operation manual, page 777: To import SysEx data, open the MIDI SysEx Editor and click Import.

Got it … thank you so much :wink:

Just wanted to say “thanks” for this thread. Although there’s a little more to it than Martin’s summary, I did work it out and am now happily SysEx-ing my way via Cubase. :slight_smile:

As far as I can tell, all you can do with a SYX file is load it in to the SysEx editor, make changes, and then store it as a different SYX file. Is there a way to get the events into a MIDI track?


If you want to add a SysEx message to the MIDI track, you can do so in the controller lane of any MIDI track. Just select System Exclusive instead of Velocity or CC. Then use the Draw tool to make a new SysEx event. Double click to the SysEx event to open the MIDI SysEx Editor. Now you can write/import/Insert a SysEx message.