'Loading' the mouse pointer (basic question)

Still finding my way around Dorico.

I far prefer entering notes with the mouse/pointer.

When I:

  • 1 - single click on a rest in an empty bar - to select that bar (it turns orange, as I would expect)
    2 - go over to the Notes Panel on the left, and ‘load’ the mouse pointer with, say, a quaver (eighth note)
    3 - return to the (previously-selected) bar, and double-click ready to enter my quaver (eighth note) on the desired beat…

…then the note loaded, the one which I’m trying to enter (there), reverts to the Dorico default, namely a crotchet (quarter note).

What should the correct sequence to do this be, please?

IOW, is there a way to keep a load loaded in the Notes Panel in such a way that it can be dropped onto the score indefinitely, as needed?

In truth, I suspect I am misunderstanding the way this is supposed to work anyway, because I’m unable (with the way I list above) to keep the dotted note in the Notes Toolbox selected; I must have to ‘crave indulgences’ :blush: .


You’re doing too much clicking. Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Click the duration and any articulations you want.
  2. Click on the desired rhythmic and pitch location - your note is entered.
  3. Continue to click any place you want to put a note of the duration you’ve got loaded.

Hopefully, this is what you are looking for.


So I am!

Thanks a lot, Stew; you’ve been a great help.

Trust Dorico to do it the most efficient way possible :slight_smile:.

Much appreciated…