Loading Track Presets

Hi dear fellow Cubasers.
I got some track presets I like to go to.
I am able to find them easilly in mediabay and its all very swift from there.
But if I try to load the preset from the track itself I struggle to find them, I just can’t
I have moved them before because of PC formatting , then moved them back to Cubase folder…thought maybe it was this…but I done new track presets and its the same- Easy to find them on mediabay, can’t find them on track preset load…
Appreciate pointers to know how to diagnose the problem.
There is nothing urgent on my problem , its just a whim.
All the best! <3

If I understand correctly you are look for the file location for the Preset.

In the Media Bay if you Select a Track Preset there is a field in the Attribute Inspector for the File Path.

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Dear raino ty so much for helping.
I am sorry for my bad english.
What I meant is:
I can find my presets on mediabay.
But I can’t find them on track editor…on top there is a load or save preset button , and it opens a tiny browser…I had the idea it used to have a “user presets” with a “person” icon , but I don’t seem to find that , and in the list of presets that show up I don’t see mine.
Like I said its a whim , I would love to open preset from the track itself , but I can handle using mediabay.
Hope my english is not too confusing.
Thank you , all the best

No, it’s fine. We’re pretty use to non-native English here.

Perhaps you could post a screenshot showing your problem.

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OK Found it!
I went to “window layout” and had “location tree” unchecked, by checking this I could then chose “user content” and now I can load user presets directly from track editor!
Case closed.
( I think in 10 it had a little user icon on bottom of browser that would just let you see your own content in a faster way.
Thank you so much for your time and help @raino .


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