Local properties appear as Global after propagating

I can’t find this mentioned elsewhere on the forum. I’ve edited, in a score, some Engraving properties that should be local, and then Propagated them in Engrave mode.** When I select the same item in a different score or part, those properties appear as Global. They act Local, though, and if I edit them again — for example, by dragging the item — they appear as Local again. Here’s a screenshot of a recreation of this problem in a brand new project file:

Has anybody else run into this?

** Thanks to Lillie Harris, who pointed out that propagating in Write mode does not propagate parameters specific to Engrave mode! That’s a useful tip.

I think that’s how it’s expected to work: propagating a property makes the current value into a global one, so it will apply everywhere. However, if you make subsequent edits and the properties panel is set to “Locally” then those edits will be local.

Hmm. Semantically, that doesn’t make sense to me. I may have set the Offset and Erase properties to have the same on-off and numeric values across all layouts, but that’s not the same as the properties themselves switching from local to global in scope. I was very surprised to see them appear in a different panel than before, and was afraid to drag any items lest they get altered in other layouts too. I even restarted Dorico to see if it was a glitch, or a problem with my project.

There isn’t really a “properties themselves” - for a property that can be either local or global, it is the property value that is either local (layout-specific) or global (not layout-specific). The same event can have both local and global values for the same property. The position of the on-off switch tells you whether or not a value is set at all.

(There are some properties that can only ever be global, but that’s a bit different.)

Oh. Got it. Thanks!