Local VEPro instantly disconnects after connecting.

I don’t know if this is a Cubase issue or a VE Pro issue.

I’m Using VE Pro 4, though the same problem exists in VE Pro 5 with a trial license.

In Cubase 8.0.10, I have a large 230 track orchestral template, using 2 instances of VE Pro - one local and one on a remote PC. (Both are running Windows 7) When I started the project, everything was fine. But after rebooting and reloading, the local instance of VE Pro in the server window shows as connected to the local machine, however no midi data transmits. Also, if I look inside Cubase at the VST Rack for the local instance of VE Pro it shows DISCONNECTED, and I don’t see my populated VE Pro instance because outside of cubase it thinks it’s connected.

If I force a disconnect in the VE Pro Server, inside Cubase I can see it in my list and reconnect to it. It shows connected in the Cubase hosted plugin, but again no midi is transferred, and if I bring the plugin back up a 2nd time, it shows DISCONNECTED – back to the original problem state. (Connected according to server pane, disconnected according to plugin inside Cubase).

As for the the remote hosted instance of VE Pro, it has no issues at all.

Additionally, if I load my Cubase project with empty VE Pro Servers - the remotely hosted instance loads the template, but the local one brings up an empty VE Pro instance (with the same connected/disconnected problem as above when I have the template pre-loaded). Also, each VE Pro instance hosts about 8 Kontakt 5 instances.

Any ideas?