"Locate clicking in empty space" for all editors, please!

Hi all!

Just as it says in the topic title… I just stumbled over this again as I worked today, would be really useful to have that!
Who’s with me? :sunglasses:


Conditional +1 from me- It would have to be via a modifier key+click, and not an on off preferences switch.

Hey Steve,
I’m really sorry, but can you walk me through the reasoning behind your modifier requirement? In an earlier thread someone mentioned the “deselect all” operation getting in the way, but as far as I’m concerned, that would be true for the project window as well…


I would not want a simple click in key edit to move the cursor, that would mean that if I mis-aimed for a note, the cursor would move. I would want to be able to do what I do in Score edit– shift-click (I think) to place the cursor.

I also would not like to have to turn this function off or on in order to use it. Thus, a key modifier does the trick. A pref to disable that feature completely would also be needed for people who have a workflow that this would break.

Thx Steve,
makes sense. Let’s see how it pans out… :slight_smile:



How it works now: Shift + Alt + Click (mouse modifiers)

-steve- was close)

1ntrovert, are you saying that “locate when clicking in an editors’ empty space” is actually possible?
When I use Shift + Alt (option on my Mac) + Click, nothing happens…

Niek/ Amsterdam

Hello Steve, surely we do not to have an either/or choice.

Unless I am missing something I think we could have it the way it is, i.e. Alt +Shift + Click In Space to Locate the Cursor, and also add an option to be able to switch it on or off as a permanent Function for People whose Workflow it would help.

Why not just have both ?
What do You think ?