Locate cursor to beginning of next midi note?

Is there a way to locate the cursor to the beginning of the next midi note? This way I can skip through notes quickly if I just want to line up the attacks to some audio stuff… I’ve been using the left and right arrow keys, and the screen jumps “close” to that location, but the cursor is never directly on the beginning of the note.

Also, the screen seems to jump where the note is at the far left… I really wish it would jump so the cursor was right in the center of the screen, and the start of the midi note was perfectly lined up with the cursor.

Basically, N & B work great for jumping between events in the arrange window… I’d like to be able to do the exact same thing as far as locating MIDI notes within the key editor or the in-place editor.


I’m assuming this is not possible currently, but I have sort of found a workaround for anyone interested.

If I set the snap to “event”, I am able to go manually through each midi note, and snap events to each note. I think it would still be helpful to be able to locate the cursor directly to the beginning of each midi note though… Feature request I guess…

How about these Macros?

Navigate - Right
Transport - Locate Selection Start

Navigate - Left
Transport - Locate Selection Start

and Auto-Scroll with “Stationary Cursor” option.