Locate Next Hitpoint not as good as Tab to Transient

I love that in Cubase 7.5 we finally got a somewhat equivelent to Pro Tools tab to transient, that was one of the biggest holdbacks for me in Cubase as much as I loved it I really needed that feature. I also always wanted to set a threshold for it in Pro Tools and wished they added that and Steinberg did for Cubase. I thought I had the best features when I first saw it however in practice with the threshold set as sensitive as possible it still doesn’t seem to grab things that I am looking for anywhere near as well as Pro Tools does without a threshold setting.

I think Pro Tools also looks at frequency content as well as dynamics because it moves to where I want 90% of the time where Cubase moves to where I want around 70% of the time even after tweaking the threshold. So in short more work with worse results in Cubase compared to Pro Tools. I would love for Steinberg to take a dozen audio files and look at what Pro Tools tabs to versus what they move to with “Locate Next Hitpoint” and improve this great time saving feature. I use it a zillion times a day so it really bothers me but at least I can work in Cubase thanks to having this feature and have been doing so consistently for the past couple years since Cubase 7.5 with Playlist and show hide track features that I also really missed from Pro Tools.

Keep up the great work Steinberg!